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An increased intake of healthy water will enhance digestion, nutrient absorption, skin hydration, detoxification and virtually every aspect of better health!

So many common ailments and illnesses can be prevented and greatly reduced by an increased intake of healthy water. Headaches, hypertension, back pain, arthritis, ulcers, asthma, morning sickness, fatigue and metabolism can all benefit (and in many cases be prevented) by regulating the body’s natural fluid levels.

The best way to prevent, help, overcome and, in many cases, eliminate illness is to give the body the right tools and let it go to work. With the proper intake of healthy water, and the right minerals and nutrients, the body can overcome many challenges.

The human body is an amazing healing machine, with bad cells being replaced by good ones millions of times per second!

Constant regeneration of skin, bones, hair, nails, damaged nerves, organ linings… virtually every healing process that happens in the body happens primarily with water!

Hundreds of recent studies have confirmed that many of the medications our society has become dependent on, primarily antibiotics and analgesics , often do much more harm than good. Antibiotics can be extremely damaging to the liver and have an adverse effect on the immune system. The more frequently we turn to synthetic medicines to overcome infections, the weaker our natural defenses become and the more likely we are to have repeated incidences of infection.

An increased intake of water and the proper immune-enhancing nutrients, combined with a little patience and common sense, are by far the best defense against most minor infections. Allowing the body to overcome minor infections with fever, fluids, nutrition and rest increases natural resistance and makes us less susceptible to biological intruders in the future. Truly the best offense to maintain a good defense.

Pain medications also work contrary to the way the body naturally heals itself. In a very informative book called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” (very highly recommended), studies by medical experts explain how many of the pain sensations we experience are initially the result of moderate or acute dehydration.

Headaches… The brain is more than 75% water and when it detects a shortage of available fluids it implements a water-rationing process by producing histamines, causing pain and fatigue. This natural process is meant to slow us down and conserve water for defense uses (just as an animal lies in the shade when ill). Histamines are released as a warning signal that something is wrong. When we take antihistamines or analgesic medicines like acetaminophen or ibuprofen we mainly turn off the signal and do little or nothing for the problem. A big glass of pure water and a 20 minute decompression break will overcome most common stress-related headaches. (It takes medications longer to work than that!)

Back pain is often the result of a deficiency in body fluid levels. The discs in the back are really little hydraulic shock absorbers. These discs are made up of an outer shell of flexible joint tissue filled with fluid pockets, primarily water. A properly hydrated disk creates a cushion that absorbs the normal shock of physical activity and supports the weight of the upper body. These discs are self-hydrating as long as there are adequate fluid levels and regular movement. Movement that compresses and releases pressure on the disc creates a suction that allows body fluids (99% water) to be pulled inside the disc, keeping it properly hydrated. When a disc is fully hydrated, the shell of the disc supports 25% of the weight load and the fluid supports 75%. When these discs become dehydrated, the shell has to support a larger portion of the load, causing pain, swelling and soreness which can lead to more serious problems, also more permanent ones.

Passive activities like standing in one place or sitting at a desk without regular movement for prolonged periods, allow constant pressure on the discs which slowly forces the fluid out. Without sufficient body fluid levels and spine movement, the pressure on the discs increases,resulting in pain and stiffness. Simply by maintaining a constant and adequate intake of water, as well as regular movement such as bending forward, backwards and side to side, with your head and upper body allowing the discs to hydrate, you can prevent most minor back and neck pain. Try it; you’ll be amazed how easy and effective these natural solutions can be.

Hypertension is very often a result of the body’s adjusting to blood-volume loss. The most common cause of lower blood volume is dehydration. Since blood is more than 83% water, its total volume is heavily affected by water intake. When the body detects a loss of blood volume, it closes off less active capillary beds in order to maintain proper blood flow to the more active areas. These vessel closings cause a rise in tension throughout the circulatory system, which is known as “hypertension.” More water allows proper blood volume and a lower level of circulatory tension.

Arthritis pain and stiffness are now understood to be initially a result of increased friction and swelling in the bone joints. Water is what the body uses to lubricate the pliable joint cartilage. When the water level is reduced, there is increased friction between the cartilage surfaces, resulting in swelling, stiffness and pain. Movement of the joints causes a suction that pulls water from the bone marrow into the joint cavity if there is proper hydration. Increased intake of water and gentle rhythmic movements of the joints can ease and, in many cases, overcome minor arthritic pain and swelling. A more detailed explanation of this natural process can be found in “The Body’s Many Cries for Water” and a recent publication by three very highly respected medical doctors called “The Water We Drink.”

Asthma, which affects over 12 million children in North America alone and causes the deaths of several thousand each year, is a direct result of increased histamine production. Dehydration initiates exaggerated histamine production as a water-regulating control. It is well known that asthmatics have excessive levels of histamines in their lung tissue, causing constriction of the bronchial passages and increased mucus build-up. Water is used in the lungs to keep the tissues moist, but each time we exhale, we expel moisture from our lungs. Under normal hydrated conditions, the moisture is rapidly replaced. If we are in a dehydrated state, the tissues inside the lungs begin to get coated with mucus to prevent drying. It has been demonstrated in many animal studies that increased water intake will reduce histamine levels and, over a two to three week period, restore normal hydration to lung tissue and reduce mucus build up. Once this occurs, the bronchial passages begin to open and normal breathing is restored. The same histamine related effects apply to allergies, and again, significant benefits can be seen with an increased intake of healthy water and increased movement.

Morning sickness, something thought of as normal, is a direct result of dehydration. The fetus lives in a world of water, which the body naturally prioritizes above all other needs. Throughout the night, which is the longest period without water intake, the uterus draws water from the mother’s system to maintain its fluid levels and that of the fetus. In the morning the mother awakens in a state of dehydration, histamine nausea and fatigue. Hence the term “morning sickness”, more appropriately “morning dehydration.”

A common hang-over produces the same symptoms and has essentially the same cause, (dehydration), as morning sickness… only with a less noble purpose. Alcohol is a very strong diuretic that causes the body to excrete water, often leading to advanced dehydration. Both morning sickness and the common hang-over can be prevented by drinking plenty of water before going to bed and throughout the night.

While water is certainly not an absolute cure-all, we must recognize it as the primary ingredient to every preventive and healing process inside the body. The body is truly a magnificent creation capable of preventing and curing even the worst disease and illness.

Understanding how the body works is the first step toward achieving optimum health. It’s easy to grasp if you just remember that we are more than 70% water!

Once we gain this simple understanding, our actions will usually begin to work in better harmony with our body’s natural instincts, ideally creating the perfect internal environment.

“If you’re looking for the best water on Earth, you came to the right place!”


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