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Fluoride Removal

1. What’s so special about your fluoride removal system vs. other fluoride systems?

The major difference is that we take the fluoride out to non-detectable levels and almost all other filters on the market to date, only take a small portion of fluoride out of the water. And worse, some claim they will take all the fluoride out, but it’s only for a very short period of time. Their filters have 2-3 months life expectancy and only have 63% removal at the end of their life expectancy.

2. I heard fluoride is impossible to be fully removed from the water, how are you able to remove it to non-detectable levels?

Without getting into extremely complex chemistry, we do have a very special trick.

First of all, we have a special filter that catches the fluoride particle and makes it bigger. Then our second filter can see it and fully remove it. The second trick is that our filtration systems are large. Most fluoride filters on the market are ¾ to a pound in weight. Our small filters start at 40 pounds, and the large whole house systems get into the 300+ pounds range. When it comes to water filtration, size is everything!

3. How do I know that your systems remove fluoride down to non-detectable levels?

I recommend getting an outside lab test to prove the point. Take a sample of water before the filtration system and another sample after the filtration system. This way, you have a comparison of what kind of water came in that day and how well the water was cleaned up. This cuts out all opinion. By the way, you should test other fluoride systems this way, too, so you can find out for yourself how much fluoride is removed.

4. How long does your fluoride removal system last?

Our filtration systems last between 5-10 years or more, depending on model and where you live. The life expectancy of the water filtration systems is based on the levels of chemicals the city puts into the water at any given time.

5. Does your system only take fluoride out?

No, our fluoride systems are specifically designed to remove chlorine, chloramines, the 3000-5000 chlorine byproducts, a variety of heavy metals and of course, fluoride and arsenic that we take out to non-detectable levels.

6. Do you have a shower filter to remove fluoride?

No we don’t. The necessary fluoride removal system is so huge that there wouldn’t be any place for you to stand in the shower. Therefore, you have only one choice, and that is to get the whole house filtration system. [Non-detectable levels of fluoride are produced at the kitchen sink drinking water level.]

7. What do you recommend for shower filters?

Any of the large size shower filters, usually about 8 inches tall, 4 inches wide and 2 inches thick will handle chlorine, minor amounts of chloramines, and other toxins, so it’s definitely better than nothing, even though they will not remove any of the fluoride.

8. What do you recommend for well water?

Well water contains different types of fluoride contamination than city water. Generally, well water is much easier to handle and requires smaller filtration systems than required to handle city water. We always insist upon a lab water analysis for well water as the variables in well water are great, and we always operate on “know before you go” so that you are guaranteed to be purchasing the “correct and appropriate filtration system” for the water issues that you have.

9. Where should I get my water tested? Local Lab?

I generally avoid local labs or labs that I don’t have a working relationship with, primarily because some labs play politics with the water analysis.

10. My city does not add fluoride to my water. Do you have systems to remove other contaminants?

Yes, please call us at 727-447-2344 or e-mail us at winston@fluoridebuster.com and we will guide you to the most appropriate filtration system to handle your water challenges.

11. How do you maintain quality control when you’re on the other side of the country?

I always talk to the installation plumber before he installs the whole house system. This way, it addresses the issues of “men don’t read instructions” and because I know every single shortcut that plumbers like to take, I can handle them so that they don’t take detrimental shortcuts.

12. How hard are these systems to install? Can I do it?

The under the sink systems are quite easy to install and any person who is handy enough to install a faucet can install the under the sink system. A licensed plumber should install the whole house system.


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