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Batch Alkalizer Q&A

1. What’s the big difference between batch alkalizers and the popular flow through alkalizers?

All flow through alkalizers process the water for 1/5th of a second. Since it is the negative charge of the water that helps the cells slough away waste and take in nutrition, you are more interested in the effects of the negative charge than the water’s alkalinity. Knowing this, how much electrical charge can be transferred to the water during 1/5th of a second processing?

The batch alkalizers process the water for 15 to 30 minutes. This is 3000 to 9000 times longer processing time than the flow through alkalizers! This is like using a battery charger on your car battery. The electricity trickles in for a long period of time, creating more stability. The more expensive batch alkalizers use better quality electrodes to produce water that does not leach metal into the water.

There is a lot more information to this subject, so you can e-mail me questions at info@gobeyondorganic.com

2. What type of water should I use in the batch alkalizer?

The best choice is to remove the chlorine, chloramines and fluoride from your city drinking water, with an Ideal Earth Water™ system, which will address all of the issues in your water without removing the alkaline minerals from the water.

The second best choice is bottled water that comes in a glass container and is NOT distilled, reverse osmosis, or deionized water. Call Mountain Valley Spring water from Arkansas. www.mountainvalleyspringwater.com

The third choice is any bottled waters that are non-reverse osmosis, non-deionized, or distilled water.

Call me at 727-447-2344 or e-mail me at info@gobeyondorganic.com for the list of waters we tested for drinking water.

3. Why can’t I use RO (Reverse Osmosis) water in the batch alkalizer?

First of all, RO water has no minerals so the machine will not even turn on. Second, because of the way RO filtration systems are manufactured, the water carries a specific type of frequency that is quite detrimental, in addition to its low pH of 5 to 6.4 pH. Even if you add back sun evaporated sea salt to handle the lack of minerals, it does not correct the frequency of the RO water, and using RO water cancels out any health benefits from alkaline water.

4. Can we immediately replace all of our drinking water with alkaline water from a batch alkalizer?

NO!!!!! Alkaline water made from a batch alkalizer is very powerful and one must follow instructions. Call me at 727-447-2344 or e-mail me at info@idealearthwater.com for further instructions.

5. Is there a right way to drink alkaline water made from a batch alkalizer?

YES! Call me at 727-447-2344 or e-mail me at info@gobeyondorganic.com for How to drink alkaline water.

6. What are typical detox symptoms?

Headaches, runny nose, extra tiredness, these are the common symptoms! But there can be all kinds of other detox symptoms. Bodies are very different and have received different types of toxins over a lifetime. So, a lot of different things can happen such as rough skin for short periods of time, acne, etc.

7. Why do I have to follow your instructions in drinking alkaline water made from a batch alkalizer?

The human body stores toxic chemicals like an onionskin—layer by layer. Toxins can be in adipose tissue (fat tissue), but can also be stored in muscles, organs, bones, or just about any part of the body. They will come out sooner or later! So, one has to use common sense to stop drinking alkaline water when the detox symptoms turn on and then restart up again after 2-3 days at a nice low gradient and work your way up. The reason that we experience detox symptoms is that the cells are releasing toxins from the tissues faster than the body can eliminate them through the standard elimination channels. You need to let your elimination channels catch up so that more toxins can be released with no detox symptoms occurring. When drinking alkaline water, you want to drink enough to allow detoxification and nutrition to the tissues, but not so much that you start detox symptoms.

8. How long can alkaline water from a batch alkalizer be stored?

In a sealed glass jug kept in the refrigerator, you will have 3 days of high potency water. After that, it just becomes high quality drinking water, as most of the charge and OH leaves the water over time.

9. What do I do with the acid water made from a batch alkalizer?

The acid water is an extremely good disinfectant and also an astringent (tightens the skin). If you want to stay young and vibrant or get rid of acne, use the acid water to wash your face. There are many, many more applications for the acid water, so please e-mail me at info@gobeyondorganic.com for the full article on how to use alkaline and acid water made from a batch alkalizer.

10. Will alkaline water from a batch alkalizer affect my stomach acid?

No. Since the alkalinity is made through an electrolysis process and not through a chemical or mineral process, the body uses the negatively charged OH molecules and the smaller water molecules are now more able to enter the cells in order to remove deep-seated acid waste that need to be eliminated.


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