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Non-Chemical Conditioning

EarthCore™ Non-Chemical Water Conditioner FAQ

1. How does the EarthCore™ work?

The EarthCore™ basically does three things. It reduces the water surface tension, making water wetter and softer. The next thing it does is imparts negative electrons into the water. The third thing is it imparts a frequency into the water. All three things create a newly structured water to resemble the natural water structure that Nature used to have.

2. Should you or do you install an EarthCore™ under the sink?

Generally, no. But in very special circumstances, we can do so.

3. Can I install an EarthCore in a house that is older than 1950?

NO. Not unless you have replaced the old pipes, because what is really holding the pipes together is the limescale build up! The EarthCore™ will gradually clean out the pipes which will destroy the pipes’ water integrity, causing old pipes to leak.

4. I have limescale build up in my pipes; will installing the Earth Core™ help?

Yes! In California and many of the Western states, in a couple of months, the pipes will be cleaned up. In the East Coast, especially down in the south where the mineral content is very high, it may take 7-9 months to clean up the pipes.

5. Can I use the EarthCore™ on my city water?

Yes! Very beneficial!

6. Can I use the EarthCore™ on my well water?

Yes! Very beneficial! The Earth Core™ is especially good for agriculture, aquaculture, and animal husbandry applications. The imparted properties to the water will produce strong, healthy animals and plants and increase fertility of both plants and animals. For more info, please call me at 727-447-2344 or e-mail me at info@gobeyondorganic.com

7. I have high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water; will the EarthCore™ help?

Yes! If you have up to 2000ppm (Parts Per Million) in your well water, the EarthCore™ will definitely allow you to utilize this water for agriculture purposes. Above 2200ppm, we have more advanced multi-headed EarthCore™ units, which will require testing to see how compatible they are for your specific application.

8. How does the EarthCore™ make an organic garden do better?

The EarthCore™ basically does three things. It reduces water surface tension, making the water wetter and softer. The next thing it does is imparts negative electrons into the water. The third thing is that it imparts a frequency into the water. All three things create a newly structured water to resemble what Mother Nature used to have. This type of “living water” enhances growth in a very positive and healthy manner as compared to Reverse osmosis water, a “dead water” type frequency, which induces sickness and disease. When you add the fact that RO water is also lacking in minerals and highly acidic, the list of negatives just increases.

9. Does EarthCore™ kill fungus in the water?

No. The EarthCore™ does not kill anything. It creates an environment where the oxygen is in a more active form, which is not conducive for fungus to grow. Those people who cannot water the leaves of their plants at night can now water during the night without any fear of fungal issues. [Watering during the day results in 85% water evaporation. The correct time to water the plants is after sunset and just before sunrise as the dew is coming down and thus evaporation is very minimal. This allows the water to penetrate the soil deeply, picking up minerals. After sunrise, these minerals will be pulled back up to the surface to feed the plants].

10. Can EarthCore™ handle algae problems?

Yes, EarthCore can handle algae challenges in water pipes, evaporators, ponds and many applications.

Today, we have multi-cored Earth Core so we can meet most challenges.

11. Can EarthCore™ remove old limescale in my pipes and hot water heater?

Yes, as a matter of fact we will not install Earth Core in a plumbing system that is older than 1950. Becasue the Earth Core Water Conditioner will fully remove the limescale build up in a pipe and it old pipe does not have water integrity then it could cause a water leak. So, if the pipes are new or not so new, the conditioner will prevent limescale build up and extend the life expectancy of the pipes, hot water heather, dishwasher, clotheswasher… any appliance connected to the water line.

12. Why do you recommend EarthCore™ any and all growing operations including Organic Farming?

The number one reason is the re-structured water naturally prevents fungus from growing on the leave surface. This allows the farmer to water in the night time (from sunset to just before sun rise). This is the time where evaporation is at its lowest! This action alone will save 85% Water.

13. Does one still need to use wetting agents?

No! With multi-core possibility we can custom-make EarthCore™ so as to over come most hard water and no longer needing any additional wetting agents.

14. Can EarthCore™ reduce water consumption?

Yes, depending on application one can save from 20 to 60% (60% was in a green house)

Can Earth Core reduce chemical, fertilizer use?

Yes, because the Earth Core makes the water wetter and softer. It will create better penetration, better absorption, and better adhesion. So, not just it will save on fertilizers, but with antibiotics for aquaculture applications, herbicides, pesticides…etc. Do your own test but one can expects from30 to 70% savings and on certain item even greater savings.Body text

15. Can EarthCore™ help in Organic Farming?

Yes!! Earth Core can “neutralize the salt", making the water less corrosive. We installed one unit in a hotel next to the ocean which has frequent browning of lawn grasses from the salt water spray. They were also experiencing lots of fungus issues as well. After they installed the water conditioner the lawn ceased browning, the fungus issue disappeared and earthworms returned to the soil. Over time the entire property including the grounds next to the seawall had earthworms, proving that the unit indeed “neutralize the salt" enabling the earthworms to survive and thrive.

16. Can EarthCore™ help in Organic ranching?

Yes, with conditioned water the water structure is improved, enhancing the water's ability to penetrate soils carry and deliver nutrients to both plants and animals.

For more info, please call me at 727-447-2344 or e-mail me at info@gobeyondorganic.com




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