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Cost of Ideal Earth Filtered Water vs Bottled Water


The True Cost of Buying and Using an

Ideal Earth Water

Fluoride Buster™ Filtration System

Double Under the Sink (Kitchen) System

Double Under-the-Sink System = $2899.00

5-year life span = 60 months

5-year total – $2899.00 -:- 60 = $48.32 per month for clean, contaminant-free, Fluoride-free drinking and cooking water! Or only $1.61 per day!

Compared to Bottled Waters

Evian, Volvic or Gerolsteiner – These waters come in half liters (16.9 oz.) and are fluoride free to be used for drinking and cooking. We chose to compare Evian, Volvic and Gerolsteiner water as they are the least expensive of the comparable water options for Fluoride-free water. The prices are calculated for Florida retail prices, based on the cost to purchase 24 bottles of each water.

• Evian water is $56 for 24 half-liter bottles.

• Volvic water is $42 for 24 half-liter bottles.

• Gerolsteiner is $38 for 24 half-liter bottles.

If you use these bottled waters for drinking and cooking, you are using 1-2 gallons of water per day. If you are using bottled water at $1.50-$2.33 per half liter X 4= $6.00-$9.32 per day X 30 days = $180.00 – $280.00 per month or $2160.00 – $3360.00 per year.

If you use Zephyrhills Spring Water in the 5-gallon size, which is not Fluoride-free, you will be spending $90.00 per month – still a hundred times more expensive than water from your own tap!

If you buy a Berkey with Fluoride Filter for $300.00, you will only be getting rid of most of the fluoride for the first week or so. After that, the filter effectiveness rapidly reduces until it is only removing 40-60% of the fluoride. Plus you have to change the filters every 1000 gallons, adding additional cost. While these filters are great for emergencies, they are very inconvenient and ineffective for normal use. Why would you spend your hard earned money to drink water that still contains about half of its original fluoride?

If you are concerned about fluoride, wouldn’t you want to reduce it to non-detectable levels?

Ideal Earth Water’s Fluoride Buster™ Filters reduce the fluoride to non-detectable levels for up to five years… we guarantee it.


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