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Warning: Is Your Drinking Water Making You Old?

We are told to drink lots of water in order to hydrate our cells and maintain our youthfulness, but if you are drinking the wrong type of water, you are harming your health and aging your body.

As our bodies are made up of 70% water, it is important to keep ourselves hydrated. However, if you are drinking bottled water, you may not be achieving your goals.

What's wrong with bottled water? First off, 90% of bottled water is made with de-ionized or reverse osmosis water. Reverse Osmosis and de-ionized water are devoid of minerals. When you take a sip of either water, your mouth is instantly plundered of its minerals. Even if you take a mineral supplement later, you are only placing a small bandage on a life-threatening wound. Plus, if the minerals are not in an ionic form, you can develop kidney stones over time. One of our customers called us recently complaining of kidney stones. We asked him what kind of water he drank. You guessed it – reverse osmosis. We then explained to him how he had gotten the kidney stones.

Then what about the reverse osmosis bottled water that contains added minerals? They seem to be ionic. Shouldn’t that water be okay to drink?

If you were stranded somewhere and the only choice was to drink the reverse osmosis water with added minerals, then I would drink it. However, there is a little known fact. The reverse osmosis membranes are made using a radioactive laser to pierce the tiny holes. While this may not cause your water to become radioactive, the laser leaves a radiation frequency behind in the membrane that Mother Nature takes exception to.

What tool does Mother Nature use when something goes against her laws? The answer is black fungus. Black fungus will help break down the offending material. If you sprout seeds in reverse osmosis water, you will have fungus issues. If you use reverse osmosis water in the garden, you will have fungus issues.

What do you think happens in your body when you drink reverse osmosis water? You are correct – fungus issues. This is why many people who drink bottled water end up with Candida issues. Because of the anti-Nature frequency that remains in the membrane, it retains the frequency in every drop of water that goes through it. If you happen to have a reverse osmosis filter at your kitchen sink, once you have ripped it out, check out the interior of the tank and you will see it is coated with black fungus. This is why all reverse osmosis systems have a taste filter after the tank before the faucet. Plus, reverse osmosis water still contains fluoride. It is not totally removed. Where do you find reverse osmosis water in Nature? Nowhere. It does not occur naturally.

How does this age you? Well there are a couple of ways.

The first is the demineralization of your body by the reverse osmosis water that you cannot adequately replace by taking a mineral supplement.

The second is the pH. Normal drinking water should be a pH of 7 – 7.5. Reverse osmosis water is 5-6.5 pH. You may not think that this is a big deal, but when your cells don’t get correct pH water, it causes your body to become overly acid. This ages you and causes a variety of “old age” diseases – high blood pressure (stress on the kidneys), heart disease, arthritis, acne, diabetes, weakened immunity, as well as wrinkles and lines. Do you look and feel older than you should? Your drinking water may be the culprit.

The third is excess estrogen from the plastic bottles the water is held in. Reverse osmosis water leaches the plastic from the bottle. This causes hormonal problems, including endometriosis, prostate issues, menstrual issues, menstrual cramps, menopausal issues, and even reproductive cancers.

Then there is the fungus factor. It has been proven by research that cancer is caused by fungus.

So what do you do? If you must drink bottled water, then make sure that you buy it in a glass bottle, and make sure that you call the water bottler/manufacturer and ask them if they use reverse osmosis or deionization as part of the process.

You might want to drink sparkling water or soda. Don’t, except on occasion. These are all acidic and will make your body acidic.

So what should you do? Purchase an under the sink fluoride water filter or a whole house filter from us. We have been careful to design our filters to mirror the best water found in Nature – water like a mountain spring. If you are an apartment dweller, you can get our under sink filter and take it with you when you go, providing there is a place for an additional faucet at the kitchen sink, and your cupboard dimensions allow for the height of the double tanks.

If you live in a condo or a house, as long as you have a hot water heater, you can purchase our Whole House fluoride filter. It comes with a non-chemical water softener and a single under sink filter. You can bathe in and drink water that is like a mountain spring. You can save money by filling your own glass bottles with your own water when you go out.

One of our recent whole house water customers exclaimed that he could previously never get his children to drink water – only soda or juice. Once he installed our system, the children abandoned the soda and juice and only want to drink water from their system.

We have 6 month no-interest financing through PayPal, we accept credit cards, and we have a new layaway program. We have tried to make our filters more accessible to you, so you can enjoy better health. After all, our bodies are made up of 70% water.

Don’t you want it to be the most naturally compatible water?


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