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Is Your Bottled Water Poisoning You?

A potentially deadly toxin is being leached into bottled water from the plastic containers. And the longer the water is stored, the more the levels of poison increase, research reveals.

The research by world expert Dr William Shotyk – who has vowed never to drink bottled water again – was published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal.

Tests found traces of antimony in the bottled waters tested. Antimony is an element used in the making of #1 PET plastic bottles used by most beverage sellers.

“I don’t want to shock people but here’s what I know: Antimony is being continuously released into bottled drinking water. The water in PET bottles is contaminated.”, said Dr. Shotyk.

He tested ground water and 15 types of bottled water in his native Canada. The local ground water contained two parts per trillion (ppt) of antimony. By contrast, bottled water showed an average 160 ppt of antimony when opened immediately after bottling. But ground water stored in a PET plastic bottle had 630 ppt of antimony when opened six months later.

Dr. Shotyk then tried the experiment in Europe, collecting 48 brands of water in PET bottles and ground (spring) water from its source at a German bottling plant. The water had four ppt of antimony before being bottled. After bottling, the contents of a new bottle had 360 ppt and one opened three months later had a staggering 700 ppt.

Small doses of antimony can make you feel ill and depressed. Larger quantities can cause violent vomiting and even death.

Though the study found antimony levels well below official contamination levels, the levels greatly increased in bottles that were stored for 3 months or more.

Antimony finds its way into water by ‘leaching’ from the plastic in the same way that water absorbs flavor from a teabag.

Health authorities say that even the higher levels of antimony found are way below official safety guidelines, set at around six parts per billion by international environmental agencies.

David Coggan, a Southampton University-based epidemiologist who works with the Medical Research Council, called for further research into the findings.

He said not enough was known about antimony’s effects and consumption levels before it became dangerous.

Last year naphthalene, which can cause liver damage in high doses, was found in two bottles of Volvic mineral water.

A possible connection has been made between bacteria which can leach into bottled water and rising levels of food poisoning.

This doesn’t even bring up the plastic of the bottle, which mimics estrogen and causes estrogen dominance in both men and women linked to hormonal imbalances that can result in prostate, breast, and other cancers.

If you are always on the go and you like the convenience of bottled water, a healthier alternative is to make your own bottled water with our Ideal Earth Water fluoride filter and use glass bottles in order to eliminate the toxins.

Cathy and I fill GLASS bottles with either alkaline water or the filtered water from our faucet which has been filtered to remove VOCs, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals (including metal based pharmaceuticals) and fluoride to non detectable levels. This way we are protecting ourselves from the toxins from the plastic water bottles you purchase in the store.


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