Enjoy Mountain Spring Quality Water At Home


Worried about your family's health?  Worried about toxins such as glyphosate, fluoride, chlorine, arsenic and a thousand others? So were we. We discovered that cheap water filters give you a false sense of security while endangering your health. We developed our superior filtration systems to satisfy our own high standards. Our friends and associates soon demanded the same high-quality for their own water, and so Ideal Earth Water was born! Our filters produce mountain-spring-quality water from your kitchen tap... worry-free, delicious water that's free of harmful chemicals and additives.

Kick your old-fashioned, water-softener/reverse-osmosis filter system to the curb and enjoy better health!

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From Our Customers

Chiropractor & Business Consultant

Dr. Eric Huntington

"Having spent my entire career in the health care industry, I know the importance of consuming high-quality water.

"I wanted water which approximates its natural form-- as I would find it in nature. This means no added chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, or pharmaceuticals. But this also means water which, after filtration to remove the bad stuff, retains the good stuff, such as naturally occurring healthy minerals.

"The whole-house water system that I purchased from Ideal Earth Water has satisfied these requirements. I am so happy to know that my home has 100% healthful water for my family. This filter system is the only one that I was able to find that will reduce fluoride down to non-detectable levels."

Founder: Nutrition Response Testing & Ulan Nutritional Systems

Dr. Freddie Ulan

"I have Winston’s incredible whole house Fluoride Buster water filtration system and I absolutely love it. It gives us complete confidence in the water from every sink and shower and bath.

"The absence of health-destroying elements and the restoration of the water to its natural beneficial state is beyond price. Knowing we can safely soak in tubs or showers and drink good healthful water anytime gives us peace of mind.

"I highly recommend this system to all my friends and clients."