Ideal Earth Water Happy Customer Eric H

Having spent my entire career in the health care industry, I know the importance of consuming high-quality water. I have also confronted the sea of data regarding drinking water and appreciate how difficult it can be to figure out which data is true and which are most important. The two that I chose as the senior data about drinking water are as follows…
1. I want water which approximates its natural form – as I would find it in nature. This means no added chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, chloramines, or pharmaceuticals. But this also means water which after filtration to remove the bad stuff, retains the good stuff, such as naturally occurring healthy minerals.
2. I wanted water that was structured to function optimally inside my body. This means water molecules that are in small clusters (rather than large ones) that can easily get in and out of the cells of my body.
The whole-house water system and counter-top batch alkalizer that I purchased from Ideal Earth Water has satisfied both of these requirements. Having previously struggled to navigate the drinking water supply minefield, knowing that I should not drink unfiltered water from the tap, and realizing that most bottled water is full of chemicals, not to mention stored in plastic causing additional unwanted contaminants, I am so happy to know that my home has 100% healthful water for my family. This filter system is the only one that I was able to find that will reduce fluoride down to non-detectable levels.
For years, I had noticed a slight feeling of dehydration despite the fact that I was already drinking a lot of water on a daily basis. It just felt like my cells where thirsty, even after consuming a large glass of water. However, within seconds of drinking the first cup of water from the Ideal Earth water system, the cells in my body immediately felt hydrated. As I continued to drink this water over the next several months I noticed that my urine changed from white to yellow, indicating that my kidneys were filtering more efficiently. I’ve noticed that I feel better, and have more energy. I believe this is because the water I now drink does not contain contaminants and is in a form that allows it to function as nature intended.
Thanks, Winston!

Dr. Eric Huntington Chiropractor

Ideal Earth Water Happy Customer Eric H

Dear Winston,
This story is long overdue to you.  I was living in Palo Alto and one of your systems was installed at the house there.  Even though the local public pool where I swam almost daily touted on a huge notice board that the water in Palo Alto was exceptionally good, you did the investigation and that piece of city PR literally went “down the drain”!  The difference was night and day.  No longer any chemical smell to the water!  No longer any weird bumps appearing on my arms!  When I moved away from the system, I immediately felt the difference as I traveled to other locations in the US.  I found good water in Maine, but that’s the only place so far.  Thank heaven you had the genius to make this!

LaVonna B. - Consultant, Educator and Writer

Ideal Earth Water Happy Customer Freddie U

I have Winston’s incredible whole- house Fluoride Buster water filtration system and I absolutely love it. It gives us complete confidence in the water from every sink and shower and bath.
The absence of health destroying elements and the restoration of the water to its natural beneficial state is beyond price.  Knowing we can safely soak in tubs or showers and drink good healthful water anytime gives us peace of mind.
I highly recommend this system to all my friends and clients.

Dr. Freddie Ulan - Chiropractor, Founder: Nutrition Response Testing & Ulan Nutritional Systems 

Ideal Earth Water Happy Customer Cally B

Have been using the filtered water for over 3 months and noticed an improvement of my skin and also the fact that I have not had my seasonal cold sore/virus breakout.  I also have a water line from my apartment to my yoga studio for my students and staff.  They love it.  Many have commented that they can taste and see the difference in the water.  Water is 70% of you and think its the most important thing you can change to improve your overall health and health of those around you.

Cally Burkle Owner, B1 Yoga

Ideal Earth Water Happy Customer Rohn H

Winston:  I have now owned your 2-tank, under-the-sink water filtration system for about 5 months.  As you know, a water test was done on the unfiltered water and compared to the filtered water.  The  National Testing Laboratories’ analysis shows that fluoride was reduced from 0.51 (standard is <4.0) to a non-detectable level.  I am thrilled with the test results as this was the primary reason for purchasing your system.  The water tastes wonderful!  I am very impressed with the design and the use of replaceable “pre-filter”.  You have thought of everything!

Rohn Harmer - Lutz, Florida

Ideal Earth Water Happy Customer Glenda R

Dear Winston, I just got the opportunity to put in my water system and I love it.  The water tests really well.  I have more ambition and drinking a lot more water. I don’t want to drink anything else.  I have told my neighbor and my dentist about your system.  Do you have a referral program?

Dr. Glenda Rose - Chiropractor