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Today’s Water Is Nothing Like What Our Ancestors Drank
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Do you want to live a long life?
Do you want to be healthy? Energetic? Youthful?

You CAN have both: long life and youthfulness!

But that’s not what awaits most of us in this country.

“Sick, drugged people.” That’s the impression some of my foreign friends have of Americans. And they’re right. According to the Mayo Clinic, nearly 70% of Americans regularly take at least one prescription drug. Older folks take three times the average of younger people.

We all want to live LONGER, but how about living HEALTHIER? MORE YOUTHFUL?

Each medical drug we take has its main effect, such as lowering blood pressure, but LOTS of side effects. The side effects can be very harmful, even fatal. Just listen to or read the warnings in the drug ads!

The key question I asked long ago: WHY are we so unhealthy that we seem to need all those drugs in the first place? What about our lifestyle, our diet or our environment creates this terrible situation?

I answered this question after thorough research, and the answers I found can ROCKET your own health and well-being.

Water plays a MAJOR role in our health. Good water adds up to good health. Bad water weakens, ages and can even kill us.

Our ancestors drank water free of chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, drug residues, etc. Also rich in minerals, their water preserved and boosted their health, protected their vigor and resistance to illness. Those who lived in the country often enjoyed especially excellent health from drinking such water. Would you like to be full of energy and flexibility at age 80 or 90? That is your natural birth-right!!

But things changed. As populations grew and most people left the farms and concentrated in cities, water became a big problem. Waste-disposal systems could not keep up, and contamination of drinking water by sewage became a huge issue that lead to epidemics of diseases like typhoid, cholera and polio. Modern sewage and water treatment and distribution systems were designed to help solve these sanitation problems, but at a very high price. This public health engineering put an end to the epidemics but replaced them with slower, less visible damage to our health and longevity.

Typical household water today may spare us from immediate, visible harm, but it’s factually doing nasty things to us despite this. First, city water treatment adds chlorine, chloramines (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia), a toxic fluoride “soup” (containing arsenic and heavy metals) as well as being contaminated with pharmaceuticals, industrial and agricultural waste. Each of these has health effects by itself, but taken as a whole, ​`

Next, many home owners have water softeners and reverse osmosis filters which strip the water of beneficial quantities of calcium, sulfate, magnesium, iron, potassium, carbonates, silicates and more. These elements and compounds play essential roles in our bodies.

If you want to feel weak, old and sick, just keep drinking the same sick, acid water produced by reverse osmosis filters!

Water in its proper state is not just H20. It’s a complex blend of elements, compounds and energies that bring life and vitality. Life on Earth could not have developed or flourished in such dead, toxic water as is served in most homes and businesses today.

Why not replace your dead water with LIVING water?

Fortunately, you don’t have to go back in time to enjoy the full benefits of water in its natural state.

My Ideal Earth Water™ systems can remove toxins such as arsenic and fluoride (including heavy metals contained in the fluoride mixture) down to non-detectable levels, while preserving beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Using my EarthCore™ water enhancer, I also restore water to its natural energetic state.

Live longer. Look younger. Be Healthier. Order your Ideal Earth Water system today.

If you want to bathe in and drink the water that Mother Nature intended you to have (water like a pristine mountain spring), call me for a FREE, no-obligation water-quality consultation or visit my website at

Winston Kao
Natural Health Researcher,
Innovator & Educator

Don’t Drink Unfiltered City Water!

Fluoride-Removing Filter systems

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Our Ideal Earth Water™​ filters promote health, energy and longevity.​ We convert that questionable city water into clean, balanced, living water like a mountain spring. Protect your health and gain peace of mind!

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