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Can Earth Core handle algae problems?

Yes, EarthCore can handle algae Challanges in water pipes, evaporators, ponds and many applications.

Today, we have multi-cored Earth Core so we can meet most challanges.

Can Earth Core remove old limescale in my pipes and hot water heater?

Yes,  as a matter of fact we will not install Earth Core in a plumbing system that is older than 1950.  Becasue the Earth Core Water Conditioner will fully remove the limescale build up in a pipe and it old pipe does not have water intergerty then it could cause a water leak.  So, if the pipes are new or not so new, the conditioner will prevent limesscale build up and extend the life expectancy of the pipes, hot water heather, dishwasher, clothwasher… any appliance connected to the water line.

Why do you recommend Earth Core any and all growing operations including Organic Farming?

The number one reason is the re-structured water naturally prevents fungus from growing on the leave surface.  This allows the farmer to water in the night time (from sunset to just before sun rise).  This is the time where evaporation is at its lowest!  This action alone will save 85% Water

Does one still need to use wetting agents?

No!  With multi-core possibilty we can custome make Earth Core so as to over come most hard water and no longer needing any additional wetting agents.

Can Earth Core reduce water consumption?

Yes, depending on application one can save from 20 to 60% (60%  was in a green house)

Can Earth Core reduce chemical, fertilizer use.

Yes, becasue the Earth Core makes the water wetter and softer.  It will create better penentration, better      absorbtion, and better adhision.  So, not just it will save on fertilizers, but with antibiotics for aquaculture applications, herbacides, pesticides…etc.  Do your own test but one can expects from30 to 70% savings and on certain item even greater savings.

Can Earth Core help in Organic Farming?

Yes!!  Utilizing Earth Core Water Conditioner the “Salt” in the soil or ever if you live next to the ocean and get seawater spray and have salt damages from the spray.  Earth Core can “nutrilize the salt” and make the water less corrisive.  We installed one unit in a hotel next to the ocean which has frequent browning of th lawn grasses from the salt water spray.  They were also experancing lots of fungus issues as well.  After they instilled the water conditioner, not just the lawn stop browning, but the fungus stop and the ground started to have earthworms,  over time the entire propertity including the grounds next to the seawall had earthworms, proving that the unit indeed “nutrilized the salt” in order for the earthworms to survive and do well.

Can Earth Core help in Organic ranching?

Yes, with conditioned water the water structure

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