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Fluoride was first used to fight dental cavities in the 1940s, its effectiveness defended on two grounds:

Fluoride inhibits enzymes that breed acid-producing oral bacteria whose acid eats away tooth enamel. This observation is valid, but some scientists now believe that the harmful impact of fluoride on other useful enzymes far outweighs the beneficial effect on cavity prevention.

Fluoride ions bind with calcium ions, strengthening tooth enamel as it forms in children. Many researchers now consider this more of an assumption than fact, because of conflicting evidence from studies in India and several other countries over the past 10 to 15 years.

Nevertheless, agreement is universal that excessive fluoride intake leads to loss of calcium from the tooth, increasing cavity formation throughout life rather than remedying it, and so causing dental fluorosis. Severe, chronic and cumulative overexposure can cause the incurable crippling of skeletal fluorosis, leading to easily fractured bones.

In many parts of the world, people suffer from fluorosis – a serious bone disease due to naturally occurring fluoride in their groundwater. When you see mottling of teeth, you see the obvious indicator of fluorosis.  What you don’t see is the bones made brittle by fluoride, causing more readily fractured bones, including hip fractures, as well as leg and arm fractures.  

In many countries, fluoride is intentionally added to the water supply. Other sources of fluoride are toothpaste, juices, tea, sodas, infant formula, use of Teflon pans, cigarettes, and pesticide exposure, so the amount of fluoride people actually consume may be higher than scientists assume.  However, not all fluoride is equal.  Water is fluoridated with a chemical soup called hydrofluorosilicic acid, containing heavy metals. It is not a naturally occurring compound in Nature, but a waste product from the phosphate mining and metal plating industries.  

In my opinion, fluoridation is a political issue. First of all, when fluoride is added to the water it retards tooth eruption by one year. So when one counts for cavities and there is no tooth it counts as no cavities. This is where “fluoride prevents tooth decay” comes from. The second big issue is “What does the metal plating industry and phosphate mining industry do with their combined waste product called hydrofluorosilicic acid?” Can you believe it is illegal to dump it into the rivers but it is legal to add it to the public drinking water as fluoridation?

In America 68% of the cities add this specific type of fluoride in the drinking water, but less than 2% of the cities in Europe have fluoridation.

Baby boomers aren’t necessarily concerned about tooth decay, but we worry about bones hardening and eventually getting hip fractures. Fluoridation certainly hardens the bones, teeth and harms the immune system. Fluoride increases the risk for teeth & bone fractures. There is a big movement to resist and remove fluoride from our drinking water. As a matter of fact, Hawaii is the first state to ban fluoridation.

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