Under Sink Water Filter

Double Tank Under Sink Water Filter

Fluoride Removing Under Sink Filter


If you want to have truly healthy water from the tap that is like a mountain spring without the toxic additives from the city!

Other filters may seem cheaper, but if you calculate their cost over 5 years, you will find that they are more expensive than ours, and none of them remove Fluoride and the other toxins listed below to UNDETECTABLE LEVELS!

Price: $1849.00 + S/H


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(You can use PayPal Credit 6 month no interest financing) This brings your payment to less than $275.00 per month for the 6 month period!

Saves a huge amount of money compared to drinking bottled water!

Removes chlorine, chloramines,  heavy metals, VOCs, and chlorine by-products with special emphasis on fluoride and arsenic,  to NON-DETECTABLE levels. This is the only filter on the market that is able to remove these toxic chemicals without removing the naturally occurring alkaline minerals, so your water is clean, as Nature intended.

Filter lasts up to 4-5 years with annual backflushing and only a minimal sediment filter replacement once a year.

This system is usually installed in the kitchen with a separate faucet. This is a big double tank system!

  • First tank is 9.25 inch. wide, 21 inch. tall and weighs 36 pounds. This tank removes fluoride and heavy metals.

  • Second tank is 9.25 inch. wide, 21 inch. tall and weighs 20 pounds.  This tank removes volatile organic compunds, chlorine, and chloramines.

  • The tanks are NSF certified non leachable vessels. The interior is chemical resistant 21CFR, FDA compliant.

  • T-valve

  • All Metal Faucet

  • Seven feet of water line

  • Prefilter (filter should be changed twice a year. The small filter inserts cost approximately $12 each)

  • Low maintenance

  • Installation Instructions

  • Made in the USA

If you want to have truly healthy water from the tap that is like a mountain spring without the toxic additives from the city, call today. (727) 447-2344

Here are the savings using the Double Under-sink Water Filter vs drinking bottled water:

Water Cost Comparison - Save money on drinking water with Ideal Earth Water under-sink water filtration systems.

Water SourceImageApproximate Cost Per GallonYearly Cost for Family - 4 Gallons per day [including both drinking and cooking]5-Year Cost for Family - 4 Gallons per day [including both drinking and cooking]10-Year Cost for Family - 4 Gallons per day [including both drinking and cooking]
Ideal Earth Water Dual-Tank Undersink Water FilterUnder-Sink-Filter-100h$0.23$329.80$1,649.00$3,298.00
Ideal Earth Water Dual-Tank Undersink Water Filter + Bion Tech Water AlkalizerUnder-Sink-Filter-Plus-Alkalizer-Vertical-100h$0.34$499.70$2,498.50$4,997.00
Poland Springpolandspring1literbottle$4.23$6175.80$30,879.00$61,758.00
10-year equipment costs are based on one water system replacement after 5 years. Water alkalizer lasts up to 20 years when regular maintenance schedule is followed.

8 Responses to Under Sink Water Filter

  1. Kevin leger says:

    What is the flow rate of your double tank under the sink filtration system? And what are the inlet and outlet size fitting? Thanks.

  2. Gaye Luard says:

    I purchased this system a few months ago. I am so happy with it! Out of all the health things I have ever purchased over the years, this is my most treasured possession. After spending a good 3 years looking for the best system, I bought the earth core and the under the sink system. Winston knew more about water than anyone I spoke with over the years and I spoke with many people.
    I feel I am more healthy now and my plants are growing like crazy.I would not want to live without this water system again. I would just love to have the whole house system.
    Thank-you Winston for all your support and help.

  3. David Bolger says:

    Hello there.

    I see you promote that your system removes floride from water. I live in burbank, Ca and we do have floride in the city water system. Can you tell me how much of the floride it removes?


  4. Steve Downing says:

    Hi –

    I recently realized that the water here (Clearwater) has been treated with chloramine (a chlorine and ammonia compound) since 2002. I thought the water district added only chlorine to the water!

    I own a Royal Berkey water filter with 4 Black Berkey filters and 4 PF-2 (post-filter) fluoride filters.

    According to my Berkey dealer and various forums, chloramine “testing” has been going on since 2010. But, as of this week, I can’t get an answer as to whether or not my filters remove chloramine, or reduce it, or by how much.

    Can you state honestly that your under-the-sink tanks will remove the chloramine compound that is added, as a disinfectant, to my tap water?

    I measured under my sink and I have over 9 1/2 inches on each side of my under-sink, in front of my drain pipes, and I have ‘almost’ 21″ under the sink itself. Do you think I could squeeze these tanks in there?

    Let me know what you think.

    Best, Steve

    • Cathy Kao says:

      Dear Steve,

      I have personally tested the Berkey Filter, and they definitely DO NOT remove Chloramines. They fail miserably, as one would expect since GAC (granulated activated charcoal) is only good for removing Chlorine. One needs a totally different type of charcoal to remove Chloramines. The specific type of charcoal is called catalytic charcoal. It is 5x more expensive.

      Berkeys Fluoride filter performs as they claim: REDUCES the amount of Fluoride. They do not claim to remove it to non-detectable levels. On the other hand, after you install MY filters, you may, after 10 days, take a water sample rom my filtration systems and send it to an outside lab, and you will see that it removes Fluoride to non-detectable levels.

      I do have catalytic charcoal in my filters. I don’t necessarily claim non-detectable levels because the city sometimes puts such high amounts of Chlorine and Chloramines, that they can potentially overwhelm the filters from time to time. This is not common, but I have seen it. Our tanks are 21′ tall and 9 1/2′ in diameter. There are two tanks and one sediment filter (4′ by 10′).

      Please give me a call and we will discuss the dimensions that you have available under your sink. I will make you measure precisely, as it is a bit on the tight side. Usually if you really have precisely 21′, that is going to be a tight squeeze and you would have to modify something. So give me a call.

      (727) 447-2344

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