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Also visit to learn about my products Rest Easy (fermented Turmeric tonic) and Inner Garden, which are antioxidant fermented liquid dietary supplements that are rich in full spectrum, soil-based probiotic microorganisms.

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  1. Hanan Islam says:

    We are interested in your tumeric product.

  2. Cyndi Kam says:

    The membrane that separates the alkaline water and acidic water of my HydraCide 3000 is broken. May I know where can I get a replacement?

  3. Cathy Kao says:

    Dear Ev,

    We are removing Fluoride to non-detectable levels, whereas others only REDUCE the amount of Fluoride in the water.
    BEWARE OF THE 99.999% REMOVAL CLAIMS – that only pertains to the first glass of water!
    We encourage our clients to do a before and after water test, to know with certainty, that our filters really do remove Fluoride to non-detectable levels.
    My Under the Sink Fluoride Removal System weighs 50 pounds, in comparison to other filters on the market which only weigh 2-3 pounds. This is because contaminants require long periods of time to be removed. The small filters simply cannot do the job.
    Our filters are designed to last 4-5 YEARS, depending on the usage. Most on the market only last 3 months, so the cost breaks down to around $26 a month over the life expectancy of the filter.

    Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

    (727) 447-2344

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