Water & Your Skin

Water and Skin Disorders

Cure & Prevent Eczema & Other Skin Disorders

Skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, dandruff and chronic dryness are all heavily effected by the moisture content of the skin.

Showering and bathing in chlorinated, chloramineated, and fluridated tap water robs skin and hair of their natural protective oils, causing scaling, itching and bacteria imbalances. Chlorine and Chloramine(s) are a strong oxidant and causes damage to skin and hair even at very low levels. Most tap water maintains a residual chlorine level greater than is recommended for swimming pools, 1.5 ppm.

Chlorine also kills much of the beneficial bacteria on the surface of the skin that offers a natural defense against skin disorders.

By removing chlorine and chloramines from our shower water, where most of the exposure to chlorine occurs, and keeping our bodies hydrated properly, we allow our body’s natural healing mechanisms to work properly. In many cases shower filtration can help prevent and cure skin disorders. As with most health problems, prevention is usually more effective than treatment.

Benefits of Shower Water Filtration

2 Responses to Water & Your Skin

  1. James says:

    I heard shower filters are inefficient due to the fact that the water doesnt stay in the media in the filter for too long for it filter out any of these chemicals.

    • Cathy Kao says:

      Yes, this is true. That is why I designed the Whole House Fluoride filter, so that you can have water that has been restored to its natural state. It is like bathing in a pristine mountain spring.

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