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The need to get clean and uncontaminated water has escalated in cost in complete unreality! If you said to someone 30 years ago, that one would be paying $5.00 or more for a quart of water in an airport or hotel, they would know you were nuts.  Yet, this is reality today!

Because there are many issues in our water today and they all need to be addressed and handled in a manner that does not create new additional problems!  We need an Ideal Earth Water™ System.

Ideal Earth Water™ System addresses each of the critical issues that water has today.

Starting from the destroyed structure of water.  Water structure is the number one problem and almost no one is addressing this issue.  Water is know as the “Universal Solvent”, it is supposed to self cleanse, dissolve minerals, bring nutrients into the bodies and take out waste from the bodies of all life forms.  But what have we seen, don’t water pipes build up limescale in them within 15 to 25 years?  What happen to the “Universal Solvent”?

The second area to address is the water contamination issue.  We have the naturally occurring ones, the industrial waste contamination and the politically insane mandates that demand toxic material be in the water for a variety of reasons.  We care not of the opinions or reasons nor the need to be politically correct.  We see the issue, we correct it.

Starting with the “Water Structure” we correct the precipitations of minerals out of the water and upon the pipes of appliances.  The is corrected by making the water wetter and softer without the use of salts and chemicals!  Just like Mother Nature we use negative electrons and a tool called the EarthCore™.  This will return the most of the ability of the water back to what it is supposed to be.

Next, we address the inappropriate chemicals that are added into the water.  Mainly, the chlorine, chloramines and fluorides compounds.  But there is more as some of these additives come with other heavy metals and especially with the use of chlorine instead of oxygen or ozone. Chlorine compound reacts readily to forms other chlorine byproducts, which are all, know or suspected carcinogens.

Fluoride Warning!

Many people have been educated for the last 50 years to believe that fluoridation is a good thing and that it helps prevent tooth decay. This is NOT true.

Fluoridation is a political issue. First of all, when fluoride is added to the water it retards the teeth from erupting by one year. So when one counts for cavities and there is no tooth it counts as no cavities, hence “fluoride prevents tooth decay”.

 “What does the metal platting industry and phosphate mining industry do with their combined waste product called hydrofluororsilicic acid?” Can you believe it is illegal to dump it into the rivers but it is legal to add it to the public drinking water as fluoridation!

In America 74% of the cities add this specific type of fluoride in the drinking water, where as Europe has ban fluoridation!  At this writing only UK, Ireland, and 3% of Spain still has fluoridation.

Most of us baby boomers don’t have a tooth decay concern, rather we worry about bones hardening and eventually getting hip fractures. Fluoridation certainly hardens the bones and increases the risk for bone fractures.

There is a big movement to resist and remove fluoride from our drinking water. I personally have been on TV, radio, and various city counsels to educate people on the harm that fluoride presents.

In the meantime, I have found some very effective fluoride removal systems. They range in price and efficiency. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have.

The following are a short list of Websites about fluoridation.

Ideal Earth Water™ ™ Purification filter will take the toxic fluoride, arsenic, chlorine and chloramines out of the water without also removing all the other alkaline minerals that make water wholesome and healthy.

4 Responses to Your Ideal Water

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Weston.. My family still has well water. They also use a water softener. What
    Kind of things in well water that I need to address before I drink it. How can I counteract the effects that it has with it being soft water? What are the main threats
    In well water and how can I address them?
    Thank you for your time!


    • Cathy Kao says:

      Dear Chris, it is VITAL that you test well water before drinking it. Lots of toxic materials have no flavor or scent. Not all water testing companies are reliable. I exclusively use National Testing Lab, Ltd. You can call them at 440-449-2525 to purchase a water testing or send them an email at ask for well water testing and if you have fracking or other industrial pollutions within 150 miles tell them about it and they may add one or two items to specifically target those serious issues. I have used them for over 25 years and they have never stirred me wrong.

      Soft water created by adding salt is generally extremely unhealthy and it is this kind of salt that promotes heart disease. I personally avoid it at all costs. On rare occasions, I will recommend it because there are no other solutions to remove specific radioactive materials, but again that is a rare occasion.

      I can answer your last question when you get your results from the water testing lab. I never guess. Well water MUST be tested. In 25 years I have only seen 4 water reports that needed nothing.



  2. Marie Marra says:

    Hello Wilson,
    Can you address the topic of drinking-bathing in distilled water. I have come across the website of Andrew Norton Weber, who gives a large amount of information about the benefits of drinking-bathing in distilled water and health. My question is should we be getting minerals in water, which is dissolved rock ( a hardening factor) or getting minerals just from foods?
    Thank you in advance for your expert information,
    New York

    • Cathy Kao says:

      Hi Marie,

      Most of these authors that are pro or anti distilled water never mention which one of the 4 different distilled waters are they talking about! Most people think in terms of one type of distilled water. this is obviously incorrect. Do to space constrictions I am going to make my answer very short. There are 2 distilled waters that are healthy and 2 that are harmful!
      Low temperature and a low surface tension AKA rainwater is a “good” and healthy type of distilled water. A high temperature and high surface tension distilled water is your common commercial distilled water. this water has a powerful leaching effect and can be used as a medical drug to pull poisons out of the body. Obviously, this requires the guidance of a well-educated, qualified medical doctor. The answer is, of course, we should ALWAYS be getting minerals from our water and fruits and vegetables. One should ALWAYS avoid drinking “hungry water” that would include distilled, Reverse Osmosis, and de-ionized water. Distilled water can be made healthy by adding Celtic Sea salt. Do Not use Himalayan Pink salt as this has 3ppm Fluoride!

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