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Are You Drinking the Wrong Water?

Most Americans drink reverse osmosis and fluoridated water while many advanced European countries advise against it! We Americans are the leading cancer and heart disease victims in the World!!

Did you know that there are 4 totally different kinds of distilled water, two of which are very healthy but very difficult to obtain, and the other two are very UNHEALTHY yet very commonly available?  Don’t feel bad, most doctors and health practitioners don’t know this either.

Both cancer and heart disease have a direct cause and effect that we are creating. Drinking the wrong type of water is something that Americans unknowingly do daily in order to get healthy, yet get sicker because of false information.

Why do many Europeans refuse to drink these waters?  Because they’re classified as hungry waters due to their ability to leach out minerals from the body.  When you drink these hungry waters, as soon as you take a sip, the minerals are being immediately leached out of your mouth, throat, bones, tissues, and organs to satisfy the water’s extreme hunger, lowering your immune system as it uses up your body’s trace mineral reserves. In addition, because these waters are missing “alkaline minerals”, the water is highly acidic, which further makes one’s body more acidic.

If you think that you can consume some minerals later to make up for the damage caused, then you are wrong.  These waters leach the minerals out immediately and later consumption of minerals will not make up the damage.

This is what a Reverse Osmosis + Deionized System looks like so that you can recognize what you may currently have under your sink.

In America, the most common drinking water is RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. If you test Reverse Osmosis water you will find that it is acid water, with a 5.5 to 6.4 pH. So it is not surprising that so many of us are too acidic, are prematurely aging, and coming down with too many old age diseases. RO water is totally devoid of minerals and is classified as hungry water, which leaches out the minerals in your body. In addition, while most waters when left on a shelf will first turn green (growing blue green algae) the RO water when left on a shelf will choose to grow black fungus as it’s first choice. If you look at an RO system, after the water is fully cleaned and stored in the reservoir tank, it still has to have a carbon block filter which they call a taste filter to block the black fungus from coming out into your glass and to of course improve the water flavor. Do you think that this is a good water to drink?

As mentioned earlier, there are 4 different kinds of distilled water. The first one is a low temperature distillation with a low surface tension. It usually has minor amounts of minerals. This is commonly known as rainwater and is one of the best waters to drink. Even though this water has extremely low mineral content because of many other factors such as hydrogen peroxide or more appropriately put, hydroxyl ions (-OH) and minor negative charge, the rain water does not leach minerals out and it is one of the healthiest waters to drink. Note how a single rainstorm will green up a forest or lawn so much faster than all the other watering.

The other more common distilled water, which is commercially available, is a high temperature distillation process, which results in a high surface tension. This type of distilled water is also known as “Hungry water”. This is the type of water that seriously leaches out the minerals from one’s body. This is good laboratory water and should not be drunk.

[Always use pH meters to test for water and not pH strips, as they require minerals, which hungry waters do not have much of.]

More on Reverse Osmosis Water:
We have found through investigation, that when many people drink Reverse Osmosis water over a period of time (2+ years), many come down with Candida Albicans overgrowth (commonly known as yeast infection). This is because Reverse Osmosis water promotes fungal growth, which in turn creates a more acidic environment in the body, which leads to disease.  

Additives to the city water:
Unfortunately, when it comes to city water, we step out of science and enter into the field of politics.

The ideal way to treat water is with ozone. It disinfects and leaves the water clean and naturally resistive to bacterial infections and algae growth. Since World War II, ozonation has become the primary method to assure clean water in Switzerland, West Germany and France.

However, in the US, it is mandatory for cities to use chlorine. Chlorine does kill bacteria very efficiently, but its byproducts are all known or suspected carcinogens that can be easily removed with any large sized activated charcoal filter.

In recent years, the cities have started adding ammonia to the chlorine. Most housewives know not to mix chlorine and ammonia as this produces nerve gas. However, the city, evidently, hasn’t learned this. They “attempt to make” mono-chloramines. They will not discuss nor ever admit the fact that they also produce di-chloramines and tri-chloramines, which are most definitely toxic.

Believe it or not, chloramines are 1/200 times LESS EFFICIENT than chlorine. So the city has to periodically switch back to chlorine for a couple months at very high levels to clean the algae and other unwanted materials from their pipes.

Next, they add “fluoride” to the drinking water, which does absolutely nothing for improving the water quality. They tell us that it’s for our good to harden our teeth and to prevent cavities. [Mass medication.] The truth is, less than 2% of the European cities have fluoridation and they have fewer cavities than we do.

Truth be known, fluoride does harden your teeth and make them more brittle which accounts for fractures of teeth and teeth mottling (white specks on the surface of the teeth) which accounts for 90% of dental cosmetics. Of course, fluoride also hardens bones, which accounts for all the old age bone fractures, because the bones lose their flexibility.

The other bad news is that they don’t put pure fluoride in the drinking water. What they actually add to the water is called hydrofluorosilicic acid, which is an industrial waste that is a combination of the metal plating industry’s waste acids and Florida Phosphate Mining Industries waste fluoride, chromium, and strontium 90 which occur naturally in Florida’s phosphate.

This highly acidified fluoride is what is added to the drinking water and is in fact very similar to Prozac. If you type Fluoxetine in your Internet browser, you will find all the generic brands of Prozac. Hitler was the first person to use hydrofluorosilicic acid in the German concentration camps to control the prisoners. The Russians used the identical material in their Siberian camps. Do you still think that fluoride can be beneficial to you?

Because fluoride is so acidic, this causes rapid corrosion of the city pipes. So they now have to add lye to compensate and if you find your water no longer at a pH of 7 but up into the 7.8 to 8.5 pH they are probably adding lye to your drinking water as well.

This all boils down to the need to remove fluoride, arsenic, lead, chlorine and chloramines without stripping out all of the beneficial minerals. These are not easily removed items from our water. Thus, the smallest of our filters weighs 40 pounds; this is what is required to remove fluoride down to non-detectable levels.

When you see small 1 to 2 pound filters, know that it’s not going to have much of a life nor pull much fluoride out.  

If you want to have truly healthy water from the tap without the toxic additives from the city and still have all of the minerals that belong in it, call me.

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