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Water Filters – Size Matters

More than 90% of the water filters on the market only remove chlorine, lead, cysts, THMs, & VOCs.  Why is this?  Because Fluoride, arsenic, lead, and chloramines are not easily removed from city water. Thus, size is everything! The bigger, the better! … Continue reading

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Toxins removed from filtered water

Here is a list of toxins our water filtration systems remove. –Iron  -Sulfur   -Manganese    -Chlorine  -Radon -Uranium  -Trihalomethane (TTHM) (as (CHC13)  -Lead (as PbC12)  -Fluoride  -Nitrate (as N)  -Barium  -Arsenic  -Cadmium   -Chromium +3     -Chromium +6  -Selenium -Mercury -Lindane  -Methoxychlor  -Toxaphene  … Continue reading

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Clarify & Simplify The Water Confusion

Are you confused about what type of water is best for you? Are you tired of listening to all the hype?   Find out the truth! After extensive research and experimentation, I have exposed the lies and the hype, so … Continue reading

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100% Chlorine Free Pool & Spa Systems

100% Chlorine Free Pool & Spa Systems Using hydrogen peroxide & the Earth Core Water Conditioner you can swim or soak in a pool or spa that makes you feel revitalized from oxygenation, rather than tired from toxic chemicals! This  unique … Continue reading

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Frequent Q & A

Can Earth Core handle algae problems? Yes, EarthCore can handle algae Challanges in water pipes, evaporators, ponds and many applications. Today, we have multi-cored Earth Core so we can meet most challanges. Can Earth Core remove old limescale in my pipes … Continue reading

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Water Filtration

Are You Drinking the Wrong Water? Most Americans drink reverse osmosis and fluoridated water while many advanced European countries advise against it! We Americans are the leading cancer and heart disease victims in the World!! Did you know that there … Continue reading

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EarthCore Water Conditioner

This water conditioner softens water without the use of any chemicals! The EarthCore™ Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner, is not a salt adding softener nor is it a filter.  It is a device that improved the physical condition of water.  The conditioning … Continue reading

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Hydracide 3000 Alkalizer

Hydracide 3000  This is the only alkalizer we trust! Why? It takes time to produce really high quality alkaline water! Why you should choose a medical grade batch alkalizer rather than a  flow-through alkalizer that connects to the faucet: The “real” … Continue reading

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Fluoride Free

Fluoride was first used to fight dental cavities in the 1940s, its effectiveness defended on two grounds: Fluoride inhibits enzymes that breed acid-producing oral bacteria whose acid eats away tooth enamel. This observation is valid, but some scientists now believe … Continue reading

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