Meet Winston

Winston Kao - Visionary, environmentalist, researcher, inventor and Ideal Earth Water Specialist

Winston Kao – Visionary, environmentalist, researcher, inventor & Ideal Earth Water specialist

Natural Plus Plus, LLC. and Go Beyond Organic Technologies™

I have been a researcher and inventor for 26 years in the fields of water, agriculture, nutrition, organic & inorganic trace minerals, and soil-based microorganisms. I am an acknowledged expert in the fields of agriculture as relating to water, nutrition, and microbial enhancement.

Through my discoveries, I have de-bugged many health issues such as inadequate energy, improper digestion, and inadequate metabolism.  In aligning my methods for handling the human body with simplicities and Mother Nature’s Laws, I have helped to correct them for many of my faithful customers.

I  have designed water filtration systems that specifically remove fluoride, chloramines, chlorine, and other toxic materials to NON-DETECTABLE LEVELS, WITHOUT removing beneficial minerals.

It is my goal to provide you with the best possible products and information about water you drink and your health. I work with Mother Nature, not against her!

For more education and personalized consultations you can contact us

M-F 9-5 pm EST.

(727) 447-2344


“Our goal is to provide you with Fluoride Free water!”

7 Responses to Meet Winston

  1. Tyler says:

    Hello. I have a couple questions. Do you ship to Canada? Your website says to call for current sales, do you have any sales?


  2. Bevely Ann Fox says:

    I am interested in learning more about your water product. I met you in Fl. at the homeopathic meeting in Tarpon Springs several years ago and spoke with you then about your water filtration system…I now reside in New Mexico Catron County…Our well went dry and we haul our water and need a system like yours…Thank you. Bevely and Eugene Fox

  3. Lionel says:

    Hello Winston,

    This is Lionel from Ft.Bragg, I’m in the process of buying the alkaline water machine you recommend. Winston, are the Kangen water machines Batch or flow through? I’m going to go with your choice, but I’m just curious.


  4. David Villanueva says:

    do you have a specific filter system for well water?

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